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Frequently Asked Questions

Purchasing Naväge
Where Can I Buy Naväge in the US?
Where can I buy Naväge in Canada?
Can I purchase Naväge with my HSA/FSA card?
How long is the warranty?
How does the 30-Day, Zero-Risk Trial work?

Our Products
How does Naväge Work?
Is Naväge safe?
What’s in the Navage Nose Cleaner box?
What's in the Naväge SaltPod capsule?
Can you change the direction of the saline flow?
How long does a SaltPod last?
Is there an expiration date on the SaltPods?
Are Naväge SaltPods recyclable?
How do I clean the Naväge Nose Cleaner?
Where is Naväge manufactured?
Traveling with Naväge Nasal Care

How do I get FREE shipping?
Looking for expedited shipping options?
What is FedEx SmartPost?
Need a tracking number?
My tracking information shows "pending".
My order shows as delivered but I didn't receive it.
I chose FedEx Overnight and still don't have my order.
I selected FedEx 2Day shipping and my package has not been delivered.

About nasal irrigation
What type of water should I use?
What is a neti pot?
Is nasal irrigation safe?
Does Navage moisturize the nose?
How often can/should I use Naväge?
Does Naväge help with snoring?
Will I feel the water going through my nose?
Can I add my own ingredient(s)?
Can I make my own saline solution?
Can more than one person use Naväge?

Medical Questions

Is Naväge covered by insurance?
Is Naväge covered by Medicaid?
Is Naväge covered by Medicare?
Will this help if I have chronic rhinitis?
Will this help if I have chronic allergies?
Will this help if I have chronic sinus infections?
What other nasal and sinus challenges
does using Naväge help with?

Will this help with post nasal drip?
Will this help rinse my sinuses?
Will this help if I have a deviated septum?
Will this help if I use a CPAP machine?
Will this help if I have a perforated septum?
Will this help I have high blood pressure?