Navage SaltPod 30-Pack
SaltPod Capsule 30-Pack box for use with electric nasal irrigator
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$9.95 per 30-Pack when
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Naväge SaltPod Capsule 30-Pack
  • One or two 30-Packs are $14.95 each; three or more are only $9.95 each - just 33¢ per SaltPod capsule!
  • Saline concentrate capsules for use with the Naväge Nose Cleaner (sold separately)
  • Scientifically formulated solution combining pharmaceutical grade sea salt and purified water. Yields 8 ounces of isotonic saline (0.9% w/v) when mixed with 7.75 ounces of water in the upper tank of the Naväge Nose Cleaner.
  • Made in USA.
  • The Naväge System is cleared by the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and by Health Canada for use by children ages 12 and older.
  • Fast, soothing relief from sinus congestion without drugs. Naväge SaltPods are Nature's Decongestant®
  • Breathe better now, breathe better forever!

Price : $14.95



Clinically proven formula: all-natural, drug-free

Naväge® SaltPod® saline concentrate capsules are a scientifically formulated combination of pure sea salt and purified water. When a SaltPod is placed in the Nose Cleaner crushing chamber and the lid is closed, the SaltPod concentrate bursts into the upper tank's warm water and immediately dissolves – creating perfectly balanced isotonic saline in the same ratio of salt to water that occurs naturally in your body. Doctors agree that isotonic saline is the basic building block for nasal irrigation.

Eliminates measuring and the mess!

Naväge SaltPod capsules make cleaning your nose as easy as brushing your teeth. Our patented system eliminates the measuring and the mess, and the uncertainty that go with it. Fill the Naväge Nose Cleaner with water, insert a SaltPod capsule, close the lid, and in moments you have perfectly balanced saline – every time.

Pure ingredients you can trust

Naväge SaltPod capsules have two ingredients: pharmaceutical-grade sea salt and purified water. The water goes through a multi-staged purification process that includes carbon, deionizing, polishing and sub-micron filtration stations, as well as UV sterilization. The result: seriously pure saline concentrate.

Made in the USA

Naväge SaltPod capsules are manufactured in our Cleveland, Ohio facility certified to comply with ISO 13485:2016, the internationally recognized quality standard for medical device manufacturing.

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5 of 5 Provided the Doctor's referral February 3, 2020
Reviewer: David Galluccio from Lancaster, CA United States  
Twice Ear/Nose/Throat MDs did not note any scar tissue, deviated septum, or large growth. My OD nasal passage was a 100% blockage. And most of my OS too.
Navage enabled my third referral and this time I had surgery. Good thing this growth was benign!
This week I have recovered enough to try Navage again; so far about 35 seconds or slightly more to clear tank compared to five minutes struggling...

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5 of 5 Best thing ever January 28, 2020
Reviewer: Barb from Illinois  
I have allergies and use it whenever I have a flare up. After using it once or twice, I feel relief. So glad I bought it!

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5 of 5 Why did I wait so long to get Navage? January 28, 2020
Reviewer: Terri S from Columbia,SC  
I received my Navage on Tuesday. It is Thursday. I have used it the past 2 nights after work. I plan on starting the twice a day for two weeks tomorrow. I could tell a difference the first time I used it. It is faster than a Neti pot. I have tried many nasal flushes over the years, this surpasses all by a mile. Wish I had this when I had an upper respiratory infection a few weeks ago. If you are putting it off, I reccomend you just go ahead and get it

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5 of 5 It's perfect December 17, 2019
Reviewer: Renee from GA  
I have suffered from allergy problems, sinus dryness and congestion. Recently just purchased mine several weeks ago! I could tell it helped me with the first use!!! Best money I've ever spent! Highly recommend

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5 of 5 Incredible! November 4, 2019
Reviewer: Michele M.  
Buy it!   I suffer from sinus issues.  Navage works.   It loosens everything and I can breathe!  Remember to switch up the direction of the flow.  It really helps. So glad I bought it.  Highly recommended.

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