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An important reminder: The Naväge Nose Cleaner requires the presence of a genuine Naväge SaltPod® capsule to operate. That is, the power button can only be pushed in to turn on the motor and open the drain valve (it's a 2-stage switch) when a new SaltPod has been placed in the crushing chamber and the lid has been clicked shut – and not reopened (no peeking!).

As the result of extensive customer feedback, we've learned that most problems that at first appear to be product defects actually have simple solutions, and that these problems can almost always be resolved with a short phone call. Our Customer Support reps are daily Naväge users themselves, and they are caring, knowledgeable, and eager to help. Whatever the problem is – and often it's just a simple misunderstanding about how Naväge works – our goal is to fix it as fast as possible so that you can enjoy the amazing benefits of clear nose-breathing and improved nasal hygiene.
Naväge® products are fully warrantied. If we can't solve the problem in a brief phone call and there is a manufacturing defect, we will replace your device at our sole expense (including shipping) immediately, cheerfully, and without a hassle. We are committed to your complete satisfaction, and our goal is to exceed your expectations.

We only ask that you spend a few minutes on the phone with a member of our Customer Support team to walk through a quick troubleshooting procedure proven effective for resolving most issues. To save you time by ensuring that one of our troubleshooting specialists is available, you can email us at [email protected] with a phone number and best time for us to call you. If you prefer, you can call us at (800) 203-6400, M-F, 8:30-5:30, Eastern Time.

Most Common Issue #1: I can't engage the power button. It won't press in!

Navage Nose Cleaner top of device open showing the upper tank and the three rinsing areas that need to be cleaned with hot water1. Remove the upper tank and rinse the device with hot water for at least 30 seconds in the places marked A, B, and C. This prevents salt crystals from building up which can interfere with device operation. Please note: Do not submerge the mechanical module in water; do not rinse the bottom of the mechanical module; and do not wash any part of your Nose Cleaner in a dishwasher.

2. After rinsing those three areas, lift the Drain Pull (C in the picture above) to verify that it is not stuck, and then release it back to the down/closed position.

3. After filling the upper tank with water, place a new, unused SaltPod in the crushing chamber, foil-side down, and firmly close the lid. You'll know it's properly closed because you'll feel and hear a "click", and the lid will stay shut.

After you've closed the lid, don't re-open it (no peeking!). This is critical: if you re-open the lid after having closed it on a new SaltPod, the power button will no longer work with that particular SaltPod – even if you re-close the lid.

Designing the device to work only when it's loaded with a new, unused SaltPod is an important safety feature because it virtually eliminates the risk of running plain, unsalted water through the nasal cavity which will cause painful stinging and burning.

We want Naväge to work for you, and we are sincerely committed to your 100% satisfaction. While experience has taught us that most problems are solved by following the instructions above, be assured that if these don't work for you, we will do whatever is needed to get you back on track, including replacing your device.

Most Common Issue #2: There's not enough suction and I'm getting salt water down my throat!

Insufficient suction can cause the nasal rinse to go down the throat, or to flow very slowly, or even to not flow at all.

The most frequent cause of insufficient suction is unintentionally positioning the nose pillows so that the tips are blocked. The nose pillow tips should be centered in the nostrils and they should be in snug, but not too snug. That is, the pillows should be pressed in tightly enough to create a seal, but not so tightly that a tip is blocked against the inside wall of your nose. If one or both tips are blocked, the suction will decrease or stop completely, and you may get water down your throat, slow-flow, or no flow at all.

We've found that some individuals have a tendency to press the pillows in harder, in the belief that this will create a better seal. In fact, the opposite is true; pressing harder can result in blocking the tips and reducing flow and suction. Please try these suggestions:

1. Experiment with your original nose pillows. It's all about positioning (keep them centered) and pressure (just enough to maintain a seal). First, press the pillows in firmly to create the seal. Then once the cycle is initiated, back off a little to increase the flow. This is the opposite of what you'd expect. You would think that pressing in harder would increase the flow, but in fact, the opposite is true.

A person's hand manipulating the nasal dock on Navage Nose Cleaner and showing how to put it on and take it off

2. Reverse the direction of flow by rotating the nasal dock 180 degrees. The saline will flow in the opposite direction, and this can often make a big difference depending on your unique anatomy.

There are arrows on the nasal dock posts that indicate the direction of saline flow, one pointing IN and the other OUT. Most people find that it's easier to irrigate in one direction than the other. We encourage you to experiment and find out which is best for you.

3. Practice creating a closed system in your nasal cavity. While irrigating, say or sing, "Ähh..." Seriously, say or sing "ahh", just like you would for a doctor examining your throat. Then take another breath and sing it again! Other words you can try saying are "Coca-Cola" and "sung". This helps close the soft palate which separates the oral cavity from the nasal cavity. Especially if you are new to nasal irrigation, this may take some practice initially, but you will get the hang of it very soon.

4. Keep at it! For some people there's a short learning curve, but persistence pays. Learning Naväge nasal irrigation has a big payoff with great benefit.

We want Naväge to work for you, and we are sincerely committed to your 100% satisfaction. Extensive experience has taught us that most problems are solved by following the instructions above, but be assured that if these don't work for you, we will do whatever is needed to get you back on track. For additional assistance, contact us directly at [email protected] or by calling (800) 203-6400 from 8:30-5:30, M-F, Eastern Time.

We're here to help!